Thursday, 19 September 2013

healthy quick vegan family breakfast: chia seed & banana from Inhabitots

Chia Seeds by Stacy Spensley

I have finally found a healthy and quick family breakfast that we are all loving. I found the recipe at Inhabitots. It's such a great site for all kinds of cool eco friendly products etc for children.

I love that most of the dish can be prepared the night before.  Our mornings are always a rush so breakfasts that take time to prepare are out.

I have changed the recipe slightly as chia seeds are very expensive here, as is almond milk.  So I have cut down on the amount of chia seeds and use a rice/hazelnut/almond milk instead of almond milk. This is our adjusted recipe for feeding the three of us:

2 bananas
4 dessert spoons of chia seeds
3/4 cup rice/hazelnut/almond milk
3 dessert spoons almonds heaped
3 dessert spoons dried fruit ( I love sour cherries)

Night before: Mash bananas then mix together with chia seeds and milk.  Soak almonds in filtered water.  Leave overnight. 

Morning:  divvy up the chia/banana mix and top with drained chopped almonds and dried fruit.  


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Juicing tip: finding the time

We have just finished a two week Spring break. I felt so noble, getting up each day to prepare my family a lovely nourishing breakfast complete with fresh juice. Fast forward to this week, and we are back to school/work and an extra 15-20 mins in bed in the wee hours of the morn instead of juicing is so tempting.  So, I have cut the juicing down to 5 min by preparing all the night before, ready to just throw in the juicer.  I know it seems obvious, but it never really occurred to me to do that before, and consequently never had fresh juices on a school day.